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About WPEngine / WPEngine Review

WordPress is the defacto content management system used by many companies around the world for various businesses. There are many WordPress hosting providers, but a new breed of providers that have emerged are managed WordPress providers. WordPress is the premier WordPress hosting provider, is critically acclaimed by many in the industry and has many enterprise level clients.


Founded in 2010, with the main focus on WordPress hosting, the company has grown to employees ever since. The current CEO of the company is Heather Brunner. it has received several fundings from institutional investors. The company now has offices in London, after success of it’s business. Furthermore it has been recognized by the industry for its multi-cultural and fruitful working environment, for which it has garnered various awards.

WP Engine claims to be the best managed WordPress hosting provider and it has one of the best support services, which includes e-mail and phone support. A user portal is given to provide extensive support beyond the articles.Several phone lines are also available to provide a human touch.

The company also offers specialised services that are not offered by any other managed WordPress hosting provider. This adds a unique selling point for wp engine, apart from having 24 by 7 support on phone, email and a ticketing system. Some of the unique offerings are Geo IP, scalability as per traffic and e-commerce features.

WPEngine Plans

WP Engine offers 5 basic plans:

  1. Personal
  2. Professional
  3. Business
  4. Premium
  5. Enterprise Grade

All these plans are made according to 3 different criteria –

  1. Number of installs
  2. Number of visitors per month
  3. The amount of local storage in GB

Number of installs is actually the number of websites you want to host that is the number of WordPress instances. You can do a maximum of 150 installs and a minimum of 1 install where is 25000 visitors minimum of 5 million + visitors a maximum per month the local storage varies from 10gb to 400 GB. The great thing is all plans have unlimited data transfer.  The rest of the features women almost the same across all the plans. That’s good in a way, as you receive 24by7 support, daily automated backup, firewall, malware scan, proprietary caching technology, SSL and 1-click restore.

The personal plan starts at dollar 29 per month, whereas the enterprise grade plan is dollar 3200 per month. And for as little as 20 dollars permanent you can avail the content delivery network service of WP Engine. This incredible leave past tense your website being accessed across the world on the Internet. Let’s go through each plan in detail.

Personal Plan

This is used to run just one website. Say you have a blog all small business and you want it to be running flawlessly at all times, then this is the plan you opt for. You get one WordPress instance which can handle 25000 visitors per month and gives you a storage of 10 gigabytes. Additionally if you purchase for 1 year, you get 2 months free. It’s for dollar 29 per month. Content delivery network can be added at $20.

Professional Plan

As the name suggests this is for professionals, for people who know WordPress and manage up to 10 sites at any given point in time. This can be a WordPress development organization. It can handle upto hundred thousand visitors per month. This plan offers for storage of 20 gigabytes and costs dollar 99 per month. Hair also 2 months are free for annual subscriptions. Content delivery network is included and also third party ssl is included.

Business Plan

This land is meant for business organisations which have an online presence and cater to a lot of people online. It offers 25 instances of WordPress along with the capacity to cater to up to four hundred thousand visitors payment with a storage capacity of 30 gigabytes. This comes at dollar 249 per month, whereas you get 2 months free on an annual subscription. Dedicated ip is given, content delivery network is given and Geo IP technology is given. Geo IP technology enables the website to be served in different languages two different people across the world according to their ip address.

Premium Plan

This is meant for companies and brands that are quite big, where a website is mission critical. The resources are dedicated, unlike the above plans. 150 installs are possible, millions of users and a storage of 100 to 300 gigabytes is provided. The plan is costing $600 per month and you have to personally talk to WP Engine before availing it. It offers best in class features with the features of the above plans and has active – passive load balanced servers.

Enterprise Grade Plan

It’s a custom designed solution with dedicated resources. The plan offers 150 installs, is infinitely scalable to as many users as possible (more than 5 million even) and has 400 GB to 1 Terabytes of storage available. This plan starts at $3200 per month and a personal contact with the company is required owing to the specificity of it. In addition to all the above plans’ features, it has multiple Web heads for better processing and redundancy.

It is also possible to slide through and select the number of instances on the website and also sliders are given to select the expected traffic as well as the storage space required. As per your sliders’ selection, an appropriate plan among the above 5 are given to you. A comparison area is also given wherein you can select 2 plans and compare their features.

As can be seen, WP Engine offers multiple convenient choices of plans, from the small to the humongous. But, it has to be understood that the company does not offer domain hosting services. This means you have to have a registered domain name beforehand, in order to avail their services. WP Engine does not provide domain hosting as it’s not their core business focus and the company was established to cater to managed WordPress hosting only.

WP Engine Features

As already pointed out, WP Engine has state of the art features, which are –

  1. 24/7 Live tech support from the US
  2. Daily automated backups
  3. Firewall protection to prevent data theft
  4. Malware scanning to protect WordPress installs
  5. Evercache (proprietary caching technology for massive scalability and speed)
  6. SSL readiness with 3rd party SSL given in some plans
  7. Content Delivery Network for high speed serving of sites
  8. 1-click restore from snapshot backups
  9. Geo IP for geography based content delivery
  10. Load balancing to enable fail-safe operation
  11. Multiple Web heads as a means to speed up and compartmentalise website parts
  12. Robust failsafe storage

Apart from these features, the company has a dedicated team to cater to enterprise requirements  which includes these additional features over and above those mentioned above –

  1. Handle traffic spikes that happen with marketing campaigns
  2. Development tools to rapidly build and launch WordPress instances
  3. High Availability by concurrency and possibility of custom configuration
  4. E-commerce solutions that is not tools for E-commerce, but technology like staging which helps launch or run online businesses with ease.

WPEngine Support

WP Engine is a modern business and like any business in the information age, it has got great online presence. The company has online presence on the following six sites –

Facebook – It’s page on www.facebook.com/wpengine has constant updates on news and events

Twitter – The company can be easily reached by their twitter handle @wpengine and updates are available on www.twitter.com/wpengine

RSS Feed – Live syndicated updates are available on www.wpengine.com/feed/

Crunchbase – On Crunchbase, the URL is www.crunchbase.com/organization/wp-engine. It has financial and investor updates.

Google Plus – On Google+, the company’s page is at plus.google.com/+Wpengine/posts. This has got very interesting posts by wp engine employees, that includes videos in topics and events.

LinkedIn – WP Engine’s LinkedIn profile is on www.linkedin.com/company/wp-engine. And you can connect to them professionally and job offers do show up.

Blog – WP Engine runs it’s own blog at www.wpengine.com/blog/ and if you are a registered user, you can post comments and join in the discussions which are quite lively and followed by many tech enthusiasts from the industry.

Phone – They’re just a phone call away should you feel like talking to them. Give WPEngine a call at (877) 973-6446

WP Engine also has its own research under the name of Labs, similar to Google Labs. It has details on its custom search engine, cutting edge technologies like HHVM and aims to do WordPress core development. Core development is not easy and is considered the holy grail among technologists.

Should you go for WPEngine WordPress Hosting?

Definitely! Of you are able to give a premium, you are in for the best managed WordPress hosting services in the industry. There are WordPress hosting  providers that offer managed services like SiteGround, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc. Many just offer a server to setup WordPress, it’s very economical, but hard to manage in the long run. None of them is as focused on WordPress as WP Engine is and none of them offers hassle free managed services with that level of security. If your website is going to be on WordPress and cannot be on anything else while having mission criticality, then WP Engine ought to be in the top of the list of your choices of managed Web hosting providers. WP Engine is known to best cater to enterprise clients and if you have a company that has online business, then WP Engine is the best choice. Even for some new businesses, it’s recommended that WordPress hosting be done, as it has many plug-ins available, the core software is free and scalable. Which is very important for a start-up venture to have as there not much resources to begin with.

Concluding, WP Engine is an ever evolving business which has more than 30,000 customer worldwide and has recently received series C investor funding that perches to maintain it on the top position among managed wordpress hosting providers. It is good service provider to bank with and a great place to build a business’ online presence, be it the website, online market, campaigns, blogs and the like.

WPEngine Alternatives

Well, web hosting companies are many but there are very few companies that specialize in WordPress hosting, but that doesn’t mean those are bad web hosts and can’t be trusted. Some web hosts you can give a try are KnownHost & A Small Orange.